Oh shit upgraded the kernel and now a kernel panic? You gotta be kidding me…

Looks like they have the problem since 4.20 ever came out…
Guess I will have to stick with vanilla kernel for a while.

Now I start wondering whether the problem of my notebook keeps freezing and crashing when its CPUs are under extremely low workload also originated from the same kernel problem…unfortunately journalctl shows nothing and I do not know how to debug a kernel…

@ewings If the kernel just panics, there is no chance for any userspace program to run, naturally there won't be any logs. You need a separate computer connected via Ethernet, and you need to learn how to capture kernel messages via "netconsole".

@niconiconi Didn't know this before. Will give it a try.
Also other than the log, is there any way to attach a debugger remotely before startup?

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