Someone reported cannot be posted with Twitter for Android on LineageOS from China.
So one of 1) the transmission is unencrypted or 2) Twitter blocked the link or 3) the phone can do this on hardware level or 4) gfw somehow did an MITM must be true.
Don't know which one is worse…all looks bad to me.

@ewings Actually, I found that on my Android device, the tweet can only not be sent if the link preview is present. If I tap the X closing the preview it sends out fine. So I think it's just a bug with the link preview...

@FiveYellowMice So preview is sent separately? Doesn't make sense to me…that's some weird implementation.

@ewings Well, what do you mean by "separately"? I mean, my suspicion is that the link preview contains something the server can't handle properly. It doesn't have to be seperate.

@FiveYellowMice You mean the preview didn't even display properly? That does sound like a Twitter problem.

@ewings The tweet doesn't even get sent, so there is no proper review to speak of. But yes, I do indeed think it's a Twitter problem.

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