I have been thinking about this for a while that, human bodies are severely outmoded for a while. We are not evolving fast enough to catch up with our technology and our body becomes more and more inefficient.
Take our physical strength as an example. At first we run, and if we stumble our bodies can naturally handle that. Then we ride horses, and if a horse stumbles on something then rider will probably get hurt but will still have a large chance of survive.

Then we start to drive cars, in which we need sophiscated safety systems to save us from crashes yet we still have thousands of death each year. Then we take planes and, well if a plane hits something it will almost certainly be deadly.
Sometimes I feel that it is almost like technologies has made us slaves, not the other way around. The very things that gave us this modern world are also our biggest threats, and no one knows whether we are truly ready for them.

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