It's probably time for me to pull myself out of all of these.
I have been trying to reach things I can never reach for too long. It is sarcastic and tragic how a person try to find a meaning for his life ends up wasting his life in the process.

@niconiconi Yeah I was actually think some kind of cache shared between peers, but then I realized that's not good for anonymity.

SearX is good, but from time to time, Google would temporarily block the uplink of some instances, making it painful to use. There should be a tool to obtain results from multiple SearX instances.

If SearX is a meta-searchengine, what we need is a meta-meta-searchengine.


@niconiconi Is that the same kind of thing like BIOS or microcode?

無關風月 我題序等你回
懸筆一絕 那岸邊浪千疊
情字何解 怎落筆都不對
而我獨缺 你一生的了解

This just comes across my mind but…Isn't the "political correctness" thing some kind of colonialism of the new era? You see, it comes from western countries and tries to bring every other country under its control…

So what I wanted to say here?
This is a quote from a comment on Twitter: "STOP TEACHING JAPANESE HOW TO MAKE THEIR STUFF".
And I will add to that, "Mind your own fucking business and leave others alone".

You know, the one thing I don't like about Japan and also the reason I don't go there, is that they're so exclusive and reluctant to change.
But my personal feeling aside, I believe they have every right to be like that. As they always say, it's their culture. It is rude and careless to criticize them without any understanding of their country.
Unfortunately some Westerners never understand this. I guess they must be some different people from those shouting "cultural appropriation".

Those so-called "progressive" people are always excited about destroy things, aren't they.

When one side is wrong, you still get a chance to fix everything.
If both sides are going crazy, you know things will not end well.


Who designed the GUI of new mobile chrome…I would like to pin his head into the toilet, really.

Learning C++…
Yeah, I know. I'm killing myself.

It's interesting how Airbus keeps inventing things that don't meet the market's needs…And don't get me wrong, both the Concorde and A380 are great planes with no match. Just it makes me wonder…does it have anything to do with the romantic French people?

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