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Probably it's never about the social networks that changed the world. They are potential factors but shouldn't be the game changer.
It was always the people. It will be interesting if someone in the future study the demography of this era.



When I first saw this on Twitter I thought it was a troll. I just can't believe this actually happened.
Until I saw the same news on CNN.

This is 'amazing'…I don't even know what words I should use to describe this.

Yeah what about gathering six infinity stones and wipe out half of the population.

Now beyond censorship and manipulation of public opinions, they started more strict gun controls. They want to take away rights from people. They want to make the world run as they wish. They sit on their invisible thrones looking down to us when the world is catching on fire. They want to play God and design the future for humanity. But one way or another they will fail.
It's just too sad that innocent people suffer because of their arrogance and ignorance. On all sides. And there will be more.

It always makes me feel bad when I don't have control over something I try to put my efforts into.
Like an ignored pull request.
Guess that's why I always prefer to do things on my own and…sometimes it works but very costly.
I maybe just don't know how to get along with humans.

Well my notebook has a strange hardware problem that…under BIOS and GRUB the keyboard will not work at all, but as soon as it gets passed grub everything works normal. How is that even possible…

Confirmed, just punching the keyboard can speed up the boot by 500% as it helps to initialize the CSPRNG...

Not surprised at all. Finally someone realized what was going on.

21世纪不欢迎理想主义者 不欢迎革命者 那种能被明确指向的权力机构早已就不存在了 权力体系插入了细枝末节 我们破碎成了不能被叫是社会的东西 人人都疯掉了 如果我有信仰我觉得求求那个比一切都更大的东西救救我们 可我没有 我只是自己都快觉得自己不再存在着了

Well, POTUS is right about Google this time. Although it is almost certain that he doesn't know what he is talking about. But still.

This is the path those thinking they can design the future started us on. But it will only lead to chaos and destruction. So if this is IT, then I should probably just go where I wanted and stay with what I love. If end is inevitable, then I want to be myself till the last minute.
"Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon."

When people start to self expand and pretend they are superior then things get ugly and innocent people die. Everytime.
When we cannot even solve the very basic problems it's really a great idea talking about evolving.
Leave our species alone, please.

We have the freedom of information? No we don't.
We cannot even scratch the surface of truth most times.

Internet does not exaggerate terrorism; it's human that exaggerate everything that they believe in, and Internet just helps those people get in contact with each other. Even when we have the freedom of choice of information, we still only see those we want to see. We haven't actually gone very far from our ancestors, except that what were a few tribes sharing their belief and to defend themselves have now become a huge army of virtually-connected people that ignores everything that do not conform to their belief. That's a problem of humanity, not anything else.

My pray goes to the victims.
In no circumstances should a massacre be tolerated.

Android version of chromium made a change to its address bar that upon clicking it will no longer display the URL but a drop down menu instead. Why?!

I think my to-do list has just become too long..

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