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Now I am fucking mad. Tried to stream audio from Linux to Android for a whole day and none of the existing solution works.
This is ridiculous.
I should just install wine and run foobar2000.

What the…GNOME invented and used their own language?!

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

A man who don't have a family to protect cannot save more than himself.

I just don't understand why so many open source communities focus their goals on technical issues but completely ignore usability. If you build a program for fun or your own usage then it's fine, but if you want other people to use the program then how can you just ignore user experience at all?

What's more dangerous is that such a database can be used by governments to track these sex workers in countries that such jobs are illegal. They can be imprisoned much more easily than before.

Will Linux be the same successful today if there was no Red Hat or Canonical?

Apple is killing iTunes for a streaming service?
DRM-wise speaking, Japanese does so much better. All hi-res stores are DRM free.

Intezer has discovered a new, sophisticated malware that we have named “HiddenWasp”, targeting Linux systems.

Actually most of our problems comes out of the second law of thermodynamics.
Yeah that's an oversimplification, but still valid.


Maybe one day we can develop a high rate long-wave communication?
A more science fiction kind of solution is using some kind of nano-tech particles distributed through air that carries signal. But on the other side it can be a privacy nightmare…

So Chinese government is really testing cutting of mobile networks for the coming day.
It finally comes to this when they realize gfw will not stop everything.
Unfortunately Musk's satellites won't help because they have anti-satellite weapons and military grade jammers.
At the end of the day who controls the physical layer wins.

@gatewave Yeah, mostly for privacy, but sometimes also function as a quick hack for bypassing paywalls, although it's not designed to do so.

If there's aggressive anti-adblocking wall, open it in Tor Browser, it doesn't block ads anyway...If there's an anti-incognito wall, usually it doesn't detect Tor browser. If there's a X-number-of-article-only, IP-based paywall, keep clicking "new circuit" to use another exit node.

If there's a Tor wall, :doge: ... Well, most news sites don't have one.

Now EU is an even bigger mess.
What did I say?

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